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ear fungus

the chick with the fungus
29 March
10, 80's music, acting, adult swim, all american rejects, american beauty, andrew, art, ashley, baby boy, bands, being loved, being naked, blacklites, blink 182, books, brad pitt, brittish movies, cartoons, chocolate, clocks, coffee, coldplay, color guard, comedy, cooking, costumes, cows, creativity, cyndi lauper, dancing, dating, day of silence, daydreaming, degrassi, degrassi spoilers, donnie darko, drama, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drums, dvds, eating, elliot, fashion, fight club, fire, flirting, food, football, freaks, gay straight alliances, glow-in-the dark stuff, goin out, good charlotte, green, gsa, guitar, guys, halloween, i hate love, ice cream, invisibility, jake, jen, john lennon, johnny depp, kaitlyn, kids in the hall, lava lamps, lord of the rings, love, maggie, making love, making out, masturbation, men, movies, music, new york, nipple piercings, nudity, office space, oldies, orange, orlando bloom, pain, painting, partying, people watching, performing arts, personality, pickles, piercings, pixi sticks, pizza, plays, poetry, quizzes, rock music, rocky horror picture show, romantic dinners, ruth, sarcasm, scotland, scottish guys, secretary, sexuality, shelley, sleep, sleeping, snl, snow, sparkly things, stalkers, stp, strip poker, style, sushi, swimming, that 70's show, the 80s, the beatles, the clash, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the vagina monologues, the who, theatre, theme parks, thinking, thrift stores, toilet paper, tool, track, tragedy, tylenol pm, tyler, weird movies, wendy's chicken nuggets, writing, ycdtotv, you