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December 24th, 2004

11:00 am
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December 23rd, 2004

02:56 pm

nothing happens in my life

nothing even slighty interesting

i miss my friends and hanging out wi\th them but im going to DC on monday and Im not coming back untill new years day no shelley's hot tub party and with those stupid ass hurricanes fucking up the school year and stuff winter break is super short so  i  really have no time to hang out with my friends

i  wish i knew what is going  on with me and elinard if there is even anything the mere thought of a guy liking me is so strange i dont even know how to feel since it has never happen i mean wow i was asked out  me of all people thats insane(not because i have low self esteem or anything its just that a guy has never showed an interest in me)

i wanna go to DC but i dont want to leave without being completely sure of what is going on between me and him and i dont wanna leave my friends i mean this is the perfect time to hang out  the seniors(whitney stephanie shelley...ect.)

Current Mood: confusedconfused

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02:32 pm
OMG Nadia updated!!!!

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October 12th, 2004

04:49 pm
This SCHOOL  YEAR SUCKS  I  just wish  this year was over.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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August 10th, 2004

10:27 pm - beyond tears.

Never in my life.  There has been so many things going on recently I dont even know where to start. 

To Ruth: I love you. You know this and you always will.  No one I know could light up a room like you could.  You helped me have the absolute best junior  year anyone could ever ask  for.  Your personality was one that couldnt be matched. In the short time I  got to really know you, you  have given me so many  good memories.  Your  wit and sass never stopped amazing me.  I am only sad because the world will not know just how amazing you are and just how  great  you would have become.  I am so happy I got  to know you and that God blessed me with your presence. 

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: colorblind counting crows

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July 29th, 2004

11:48 am

Day four of band camp is about  to start joy!... Yesterday kind of sucked because my boyfriend ( the black guy I brought to Night of One Acts 2 ( or whatever you want  to call it))didnt call  me till 1:36 in the morning  it wasnt that the phone call was to early it was that I didnt get a chance to  talk to him. He said he wasgoin to  call me yesterday and leave a msg buy he didnt get in till 1 something so thats when he called. Another crappy thing is that not only do I not get to see it on  reg basis because of band camp but he has been home all week (he normally doesnt stay home).

Well my feet were killing me because of band camp yesterday I could hardly walk.man Im tired and it isnt even 12 yet 

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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11:32 am
I would just like to say sorry to Elliot and Amanda I did put you up on my post for Tuesday my computer just hates me.

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July 28th, 2004

10:39 am - I''m a dick sucking maniac!!!!!!

New Cell # 407 739 0229

Second day of band camp  is  done and over with eventhough it was the first real day.  Sun + running  does NOT equal fun at all.  The mere thought of it  again today is going to  kill me.  I am goin to die  during this damn thing  oh well at least I wont have anymore band camps  whoo ooo!  My foot hurts oh well. Band camp on my period  is  soo much  fun  thought you all should know   hahahahahahahahahaha.  Apparently there is a rumor that I sucked some guys' dick in then back of the band room. What I find funny about this is that some sophomore that I have never even seem before told me this.  I might have remembered doing  it if I were there.... I am happy I get to see Ashley and Amanda and Greg  like  everyday now  but it still sucks not having ashley in guard with us.  We got drill yesterday night and I am soo happy I am in the front  for  most of  it  that is soo damn cool.  Ow cramps ...   


Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

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July 27th, 2004

11:17 am - My Thank you's

OK   I  am here at last. It has been months since  I have sat down in front of this computer and done anything. A lot has happened in my life and I have realized several things: 1. I have been a bad friend to most of you. 2. I miss there being a "gang" 3. I now  know who my true friends are. 4. I have been avoiding most of you because it  will  kill me when you are all really gone. 5. And I am sorry.

Jen. I am  sorry I havent been a best friend recently or even a really good friend . I guess I have just been really stupid towards a lot of things and I let it get in the way of our friendship. You have probably one of the absolute most amazing-est people I have even known. I am nothing but proud to say you are my best friend.  You have changed so much in the past years and it is nothing but great.

Brianna. I  should have done at least something with you like you said we should have. You live so close and there is next to no excuse for me not stopping by to say hi. Summer school was so  much  and I cant wait till school starts so I can  see you again.

Ashley. I should have gone to visit you  at work. I am so happy I get to  see you  again even though it wont be in the same way I  will  love you all  the same even of  you march flute now.

Amanda. Happy Birthday. You are fun and spunky and different and thats why I love you. You always have a way to make me laugh or just make me confused. Never stop being the cool person you are. Happy birthday.

Greg. You seem to always make me laugh which is so  needed most of the time thanks. Whether it is just being stupid and Wendy's or making fun of Mr. Lockendodo. You have been amazing and I am so happy I have one more year with you.

Elliot. There is only one word that I have to describe you and it is: strong. Im not talking about lumberjack strong (not that you wouldnt want to be, but I am talking and just how you are a strong person you and how much of and inspiration you are to me.

Shelley. With as many times as you and everyone else went to   Rocky  Horror I should have gone now  I regret it.  I would like to  say thank you though . Thank you for all of  the Homecoming's and Homecoming redo's we have . Mostly because of you I have a lot of the great memories I have from last  year. 

Tyler. You are that funny intelligent guy that I could always count. Just about every happy drama monet I have it in some way involves you  you are a major part of my drama experience and making it soo much fun.There are next to no words to  tell you how much  you mean to  me.  Thank you.

Ruth. Everything I would ever need to say about you is summed up in : Lord knows I love it when a man shit's in my drink. Your wacky humor keep our time together way to much fun. You never failed to keep me smiling. Thank you.

Jackie. The Cuban. The rump shakeing diva. I will miss your smile. I will miss you yelling my name down the hall and most of all I will miss you. I have never met anyone asnice as you keep on smiling.

Stephanie. First of all Thank you so much. You have been such a good friend to  me and you gave me a chance even when no one else would. I never thought I could look up you to and respect you so much but I do.  You have been a wonderful role model for and I am  just sad  you wont be here to affect others the way you have affected me.

Whitney.  Wow There are so many things I  can say about  you  and all  of them would be  great things.  I just find it great that even though  you and Stephanie are the same person you have seemed to affect me different ways. You both are Phenomenal talent and if you pursue that I know you will go  far . Not only have been  a friend but you have also been a great mentor.  I think it says a lot of a person if  they can do both and you can. 

To my  graduated seniors: Thank you  There is no way I can truly express in words how much all of you mean to me I am  just sad that our time together was so short and I well never forget any of you and what you all have given me. Shelley, Jackie, Stephanie, Whitney, Ruth,and Tyler Thank you. I love you all .

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Colorblind Counting Crows

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June 27th, 2004

08:17 am

life has been  pretty good lately  I have  hold on to  your hats actuallt been happy  I have great friends and  an amazing boyfriend that I miss soo  damn much ( I  have been grounded for the last almost 3 weeks  *tear*) but I will  see him on Sat  !!!

I want summer school  to  be over  now  I m sick  of it I  just want to  do  something on my own without having to  worry about going somewhere or being late for something.

I miss my "LJ" friends ,Jen Elliot Bri  Stephaniie Whitney Shelley Tyler Ruth Ashley Amanda Greg Kaitlyn...everyone. I m just going to have  to go  to Rocky  one of these night

Ok Im done.  

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